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DIY PR: Everything you need to know about PR before opening a restaurant, food truck or coffee shop

Free Webinar

Whether your dream is to open a restaurant, a food truck, or a coffee shop, starting a food business is a huge, exciting endeavor. It’s also an expensive one. 

After figuring out everything that goes into it, from the location, to the menu, to the branding, is there any room left in the budget for PR? 

Getting media placements for an upcoming food business is essential in order to create buzz and get people in the door on opening day. But hiring a PR firm will cost your budding business thousands of dollars per month. While this may be an option for some, it’s likely not an option if you’re bootstrapping your food business. 

Instead of forgetting PR altogether, why not do it yourself? 

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how to get the media attention your business deserves with a few simple and effective steps. Using the exact templates and email pitches I use to land press coverage for clients, we’ll go over how, when, and what you should be pitching. 

Getting featured in your local newspaper, food blog or magazine can make a huge impact on your business. And landing media coverage is easier than you think!

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