Online Gift Guide Media Contacts

Online Gift Guide Media Contacts

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We've heard you loud and clear! One of the most challenges aspects of getting started with doing your own PR is knowing who to contact.

So we are providing our consolidated list of gift guide contacts. With the purchase you'll receive access to an ongoing digital copy of these contacts broken down by category (kids, fitness, men gifts guides, etc).

The list includes contacts from publications like Refinery29 to Women's Health to The Zoe Report. The holidays are coming soon so make sure to get pitching soon!
List Categories:

  • Pet Lovers

  • Men

  • Women

  • Alcohol/Beer/Wine

  • Beauty Junkie

  • Fitness Enthusiast

  • Subscription Boxes

  • Wellness Gifts

  • Kids/Babies/Teens

  • Foodie

  • Coffee/Tea Lovers

*For the Holiday Gift Guide Toolkit, all purchases are final.

*All purchases are subject to T&Cs per the fifteen media website.