bring rebekah to your next event

with highly actionable steps, DIY PR workshops are a hit with entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, makers, and anyone serious about getting media attention for their business


simplified and effective PR strategies you can use today

rebekah empowers audiences with the tools to immediately start pitching their business to the media. her DIY PR workshops explain why you don’t need to pay an expensive PR firm to grab the media’s attention, how PR grows your business, and clear steps to make it happen. rebekah’s DIY PR workshop has been a hit at more than 50 conferences, networking events, mastermind groups, and more across the united states and canada.


every event is unique

the signature DIY PR workshop has takeaways for anyone interested in PR, but can also be customized to fit your audience and industry. some of the most requested customizations are:

  • advocacy

  • beauty

  • bloggers

  • education/parenting

  • fashion

  • fitness/wellness

  • food/restaurants

  • makers

  • medical

  • nonprofits

  • travel

  • tech/startup


more advice from the field

as someone who freelanced for more than eight years, grew her business, and became the authority on DIY PR, rebekah can bring first-hand advice on topics such as:

  • client relations that build your business

  • how to book your first speaking gig and get your name out there

  • brand cohesion: creating the story behind your brand

  • finding your ideal customer

  • why and how to ask for what you want without fear

  • the future of PR (for PR professionals)