The Ultimate Contact List for Publicists Promoting Products

Imagine you’re a fancy publicist (You probably are, for real) and you need to get a bunch of new products in the media right away. You call up your assistant—we’ll call her April—and ask her to put together a list of media contacts who are likely to write about each of these products.

April is amazing, so in five quick minutes you get an email with 200 contacts, organized by product roundup category. All you have to do now is send a quick email telling each media contact about a relevant product, and bam, you’re done, and it’s time to spend the rest of the afternoon with your feet up.

April deserves a raise. The super-organized list of the most relevant media contacts just saved you loads of time and is probably going to make your clients super happy too.


But what if you don’t have an April working for you? What if you only have yourself to depend on? Rather than putting your feet up, you’re going to spend the rest of the day working on making that list. You might not even be able to start sending pitch emails until the next day or later.

You might be wondering, why did it only take April five minutes, but it would take me the whole day? Plot twist: April just downloaded that list from the fifteen media Online Holiday Gift Guide Tool Kit.  


What is the Online Holiday Gift Guide Toolkit?

The Online Holiday Gift Guide Toolkit contains three things:

  1. Media list with more than 200 contacts, organized by category

  2. Holiday Gift Guide Webinar

  3. Pitch Templates & Follow Up Formula

These tools are all focused on getting products in online product roundups and gift guides. The advantage here is that there are WAY more gift guides online and online publications typically have much shorter lead times. 

Combined, this means YOU can get YOUR CLIENTS a LOT OF MEDIA ATTENTION.

Who is the toolkit for?

Most of the products I offer are for small business owners who want to do their own PR, but this one is so helpful, I am excited to recommend it for professional publicists too.

That list is something I WISH someone had handed to me, but it didn’t exist anywhere else so I created it for myself.

Now I’m sharing it with any publicist who wants the ultimate cheat sheet to getting products in the media. In addition to the contacts, you also get a refresher for how to get products into gift guides with example pitches that work.

Why is the list organized by category?

As a publicist myself, I know how amazing tools like Cision are. Plus, I have the go-to contacts that I always work with.

But even with all these contacts available to me, I went through a long and tedious process to create a list with the BEST people for each and every product that needs a little PR love.

Basically, the most effective way to land a new product in a product roundup or gift guide is to pitch the writer or publication that has already published a fitting roundup. So if you’re trying to pitch a dog toy, pitch the writer who already published a “Best Gifts for Your Pooch on National Dog Day.”

They’ll probably keep writing on this beat or regularly update their high-performing content with fresh info.

The media contact list in the Online Gift Guide Toolkit contains writers who already published a roundup or gift guide within the category. This means all you have to do is find your category and start sending out pitches.

Wait, is this just for the holidays?

No! The Online Holiday Gift Guide Toolkit is mainly for the holidays because that is when most product roundups are published, but you can use it for any holiday or occasion.

The fact that this can be used year-round means you are really getting your money’s worth. Just picture of all the products you can get media attention for:

January – Products for Your New Year’s Resolutions

February – Valentine’s Day Gifts

March – Spring Product Releases

April – Essentials to Survive the April Showers

May – Gifts for Mom

June – Essentials for Family Vacations

July – Gifts to Stay Cool

August – Back-to-School Products

September – Products for Fall Trends

October – Spooky Products

November & December – ALL the Gift Giving!

And that’s just a quick brainstorm…

How do I get this list?

You can get this list so easy. Just head on over to my shop and add it to your cart!

Rebekah Epstein