DIY PR 101 for Small Business Owners - What to Expect

If you’ve ever purchased something from IKEA or changed your own tire, you know the satisfaction of getting the job done yourself. While these tasks may have required a Google search, YouTube tutorial, manual labor, and possibly witchcraft(?), my PR course makes it super simple to become your own publicist without a seance or sweat!

Leave your DIY Pinterest fails behind and step into my virtual office to learn what you need to get the word out about your business in the fifteen media DIY PR 101 course.

All you need is persistence and patience while I provide you with the right contacts, pitch templates, and step-by-step breakdown you need to get started. 

Still not convinced you can ace this course? Well, lucky for you, there are no grades. The only way to fail my course is to not take it. Get a taste of what you can expect below. 

Learn the lingo, speak the lingo 

It’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming world of media when you find yourself Googling words like “pitch,” “lead time,” and “feature” without knowing what definition makes sense for PR. 

Media speak will be translated by breaking down buzzwords and defining the essentials you need to get out there and hit it out of the park! 

Make ALL the RIGHT media connections

“Getting published” used to be as simple as seeing your story in print. And while so many of us still enjoy holding a newspaper as we drink our morning coffee, there are many new and creative ways to get the word out about your business. 

The key to an effective PR strategy is having the right contacts in the right publications. That’s normally where a traditional PR agency steps in. A PR firms is a worthy investment for those who can afford it, but you can totally do it yourself without handing over the big bucks.  

The DIY PR 101 course includes explanations of the types of media that will captivate your audience from solid ink to online publications and how to contact them.

Nail your story pitches 

When you open a magazine, you want to read something interesting, right? In the DIY PR 101 course, you’re going to learn how to craft your story so the media is eager to publish it. 

That’s right, we’re going to cover exactly how to pitch your story so that editors will read your pitch, and say, “Oh, that’s interesting.”

And with a few tricks of the trade you’ll find in the DIY PR 101 course, finding the right angle will be easier than you think. Now, let’s make headlines! 

Go forth and publicize

I get it, putting yourself out there is hard. As a small business, you can often feel like the underdog when it comes to learning the ropes of PR. I’m right here rooting for you and ready to equip you with what you need to succeed. 

And when you’re frustrated by lack of responses or not knowing how to re-pitch an idea, my course has solutions for that too. My goal is to make sure you’re able to run an awesome PR strategy within your budget and get the media attention you deserve. 

The class starts on September 23rd, and I only accept a limited number of students, so be sure to reserve your seat today

Rebekah Epstein