rebekah’s favorite fake holidays for experts

3.6 rebekah’s favorite fake holidays for experts

happy national be heard day! have you ever heard of this holiday? me neither, but that is no reason not to celebrate. unofficial holidays are a great PR opportunity for experts.

there are a lot of unofficial, fun, and commemorative holidays. you’ve probably seen hashtags pop up on social media from time to time like #nationalpuppyday, #nationallookalikeday, or #worldemojiday.

while there are a lot of obscure unofficial holidays, there are also plenty that make a big splash in the media too. some of the most notable are april fools, international women’s day, and earth day.

so, in honor of national be heard day, a day for brands to cut through the noise and get their message out there, i want to share a few of my favorite unofficial holidays experts can use to promote their brand.

and while you’re at it, be sure to share this blog post with the hashtag #nationalbeheardday!

march 1st - national employee appreciation day

are you a management expert or business consultant?

national employee appreciation day is a great time to contact the media and offer your advice for treating employees right.

maybe you aren’t a consultant, but you just really go above and beyond to show employees that they are appreciated. this works too. suggest a roundup of how local businesses are celebrating their employees to your local media.

march 1st-2nd - national day of unplugging

i like national day of unplugging because it can apply to basically anyone.

  • as an entrepreneur, what are your best tips for unplugging?

  • as a parent, how can you get kids to enjoy unplugging?

  • as a sleep expert, what are the benefits of unplugging?

you get the point. holidays that impact a wide audience are still open to your niche.

march 8th – international women’s day

i love this holiday so much, i wrote an post totally dedicated to writing a great iwd pitch.

for experts, there are a few good angles

  1. you have an expert opinion about women’s issues

  2. you support women’s causes

  3. you are personally breaking the glass ceiling

choose an angle that works for you and go for it!

april 7th – world health day

world health day is sponsored by the world health organization. the theme is health coverage.

if you are a medical professional, offer your expertise to answer questions about how people can access quality medical care. or maybe you work with an ngo or non-profit that helps people access medical care. let the media know what you are doing and share stories about your impact.

in addition to world health day, there are a lot of other health-related holidays that you can use for your PR outreach. just do a google search and find the ones that are relevant to you.

april 22nd - earth day

depending what kind of business you own, this could be a great day for you. earth day gets a lot of attention in the media, which means more opportunities for you.

share tips for more eco-friendly businesses, homes, schools, or even government policies, or you can talk about environmental research and technology.

whatever you are doing to save the planet is your angle on earth day.

july 6th - world kissing day

maybe you are a relationship expert and are looking for something other than valentine’s day to promote your brand.

you’re in luck, world kissing day is another holiday and excuse for you to contact the media.

i bring this up to show that there are many similar and sometimes even repetitive themes when it comes to fake holidays. don’t be afraid to use this to land media placements all year round.

honestly, there are too many holidays to choose just a few

i went over and over the list of unofficial, fun and fake holidays. i’ve used so many of them and have landed some awesome placements for my clients. it’s really hard to choose a few for a wider audience.

it’s not about knowing which holidays are the best, it’s about knowing which ones are the best for your expertise. every time i work with a client, i pick the holidays that are relevant to them, not my favorites.

however, by showing off a few of my favorites and how i would approach them, you can take my example and find an angle for whatever holidays interest you!