New Group, Who Dis? Introducing Fifteen Media PR Academy

We’re taking it up a notch. On October 1st, fifteen media is opening a private Facebook group for DIY PR. The fifteen media PR academy Facebook group is open to everyone who has attended one of my workshops, either at a conference or in private.

So far, DIY PR has mostly been me talking to you. This Facebook group will change that. In addition to sharing my own advice on a regular basis, you’ll be able to learn from other entrepreneurs doing DIY PR too.

The group will mostly be about PR, naturally. You can ask a PR-related question—and get an answer—anytime. But we will also have dedicated days for entrepreneurship talk and more.

Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll Be Inspired to Get Your Own Media Attention

With a constant stream of DIY PR talk, you’re going to see how easy it is to get media attention for your business. …and want it.

And You’ll Have a Place to Brag About It When You Do

On Wednesdays, we brag about our PR success. This is a  no-shame-in-my-game-bragging-rights place. Tell the group how you got what you wanted and read what strategies work for others.

PR Insiders Will Share Legit Insider Knowledge

Pssst! Did you know this reporter just left the New York Times? Their new email is…

When things change in the industry you’ll have a place to find out.

It’s a Safe Place to Ask Your PR Questions

Maybe your high school friends aren’t the best people to ask what time of year is best to start pitching for Holiday gift guides, but you’re not ready to pay a PR firm thousands of dollars to answer that question either.

Now you have a place to get the answers you need. Seriously, this is THE place for it.

And Actually Get Answers That Make Sense

Not only will I and other PR experts be in the group to answer your questions, we’ll also have a whole community of people who practice DIY PR. Celebrate the collective consciousness.

Plus, You’ll Get PR Tips on the Regular

I’ve already been working on a lineup of awesome PR tips I’ll be dropping in the group. You need to be in the group to get the scoop.


You’re Going to Mingle With Other Bosses

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, makers, creatives, and so on… you know, people who take risks and go after their dreams. We’re your small biz besties.

We’ll Talk About the Real Struggles of Entrepreneurship

You started your own business because you love to paint? Now do accounting. Running your own business is hard. On Fridays, grab a glass of wine for share time.

It Will Be Your Favorite Facebook Notification

It’s fun, it helps you grow your business, and it’s not another baby picture. What’s not to love?

(But honestly, some baby pictures are cute.)