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Random fact about me, I love small Texas towns that look like time stopped a long time ago. Round Top, Texas is this kind of town.

With a population of 93, Round Top is a surprisingly popular tourist destination. But it may not be surprising if you have been part of the growing enthusiasm for small-town tourism. Round Top is full of old-time Texas charm that I just love. There is only one word to describe Round Top: quaint. The town is known for its bi-annual antique festival and has a funky cool vibe.

If you ever do a Texas small-town tour, add Round Top to the list. It’s just a 1.5-hour drive outside of Austin. It is the perfect place to escape to for the weekend.

For my husband and I’s 2nd anniversary, we celebrated by visiting Round Top. Here are my top three things to do in Round Top when you have the chance to go.

1. Relax at Flophouze

I can not stress this enough: Flophouze is amazing and so peaceful. It is the only hotel in Texas made of shipping containers. Yes, the rooms are shipping containers. They are beautifully repurposed with all the modern luxuries and outside they have patios, fire pits, and hammocks.

I swear, sitting in that hammock (before it got too hot) reading my book was the most peaceful I have felt in a long time. I am dying to go back.

2. Eat Pie at Royers Round Top Café

When I told people we were going to Round Top, pie was always part of the conversation. The Royers Pie Shop is probably the most iconic part of the city. But before we get carried away with pie, I should mention that they do have a full menu of gourmet comfort food at the Royers Round Top Café down the road. I recommend going to the café so that you can have the best of both worlds: dinner and pie!

My only regret is that I wasn’t hungry enough to order more. As a self-proclaimed bread fanatic, my mouth is still watering when I think about the yeast rolls.

3. Go Antiquing at Junk Gypsy

As I mentioned before, Round Top is known for antiques. I visited Junk Gypsy, and it didn’t disappoint. They have an eclectic mix of everything you could dream of and their store layout makes the experience awesome.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the other, smaller antique shops in Round Top because our timing didn’t work out. We got there after they closed and didn’t have another chance. So if you get to check those out, let me know what you think!

Bonus – Also Visit Smithville, TX

If you’re traveling between Austin and Round Top, Smithville is a slightly, out of the way stop (or make it a day trip destination of its own). Smithville is another little Texas town that I am absolutely smitten by with cool, vibrant artist community.

The interesting thing about Smithville is that the town’s revitalization is a personal project of the couple behind Amy’s Ice Cream and Phil’s Ice House, both popular Austin-based restaurants. While we were there, we grabbed drinks and apps at their restaurant Honey’s, I highly recommend it, and then did a little shopping where I grabbed a cool pair of earrings.

Like I said, small-town tourism is a thing, and now you know why these gems are worth visiting.

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