Along the way with Rita Pardo Founder of Naturally Me And You

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This week, as part of my Along the Way Interview Series, I’m talking to Rita Pardo. As the founder of Naturally Me and You, a line of natural products for body, hair and home, she shares with us the ups and downs of turning your passion into your business.

The Along the Way Interview Series features kick-ass women who are putting their heart and soul into achieving their dreams. Rather than talking to those who have already “made it,” this series focuses on learning from those who are right next to us in the daily hustle of life.

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Without further ado, let’s chat with Rita about how she pursues her vision.

Tell us why you started Naturally Me and You

I started Naturally Me and You because I couldn’t find any over the counter or prescription med that would help my daughter’s eczema. Out of frustration, I created a cream that helped improve her skin.

How did you learn about aromatherapy and medicinal herbs on your own? Was it overwhelming?

I watched seminars and took classes. It was overwhelming at first because it’s so much information. I’m still learning actually.

What is your advice for someone else that would like to start a business? Was it hard to transition from your previous career to being an entrepreneur?

My advice is to ask for help and delegate tasks for things you’re not an expert in.  I had to retire from my job in June of 2014 to care for my disabled daughter, so I had a lot of idle time. This is when my quest began to find a natural product to help with my daughter’s eczema.

What was the last time you dealt with self-doubt and how did you get yourself through it?

In the winter of 2017 and spring of 2018, we were about to lose our house due to financial issues. My husband (the breadwinner) got in an accident July 5th, 2017 and has be unable to work since then. My business can’t handle all the bills and take care of the family, etc. I honestly contemplated quitting and going back to a secular job. However, through prayer, supplication and focus we are managing. I also reached out to friends and family for help.

How do you stay focused? What are your biggest distractions?

My goals keep me focused because I see the big picture. I also keep a journal with me and my phone has a vision board screensaver.  My biggest distraction is social media 😩😩.

What are your biggest challenges? What are your biggest rewards?

My biggest challenges are trying to balance work, marriage, motherhood and self-care. My biggest rewards are seeing my family and customers happy. I also receive several emails from customers saying how much I inspire them.

Being an entrepreneur can feel like a 24/7 hustle. How do you relax and rejuvenate?

Once a month I have a girls day. We enjoy food and friendship. I like pedicures too.

What is the last mistake you made? And what did you learn from it?

In February I had an order for a 1000 bath bombs that I miscalculated the shipping on. I was off by hundreds of dollars. I was transparent in my mistake and talked about it on social media. The community raised money for the shipping and the bath bombs arrived on time. I learned I should have consulted with another business that shipped large orders. I now know I should have shipped via freight instead of USPS.

When are you happiest?

I’m happiest when my family has everything they need, oh and when I have cheesecake.

Anything else you would like to add?

Rome wasn’t built in a day so neither will your business. Do something in and for your business every day, even if it’s prayer.

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