3 Money-Making Holidays Makers Should Pitch Now


There are three holidays coming up that every maker should know about, get excited about and tell the media about!

If you want to start your year off with a bang, take an hour or two this week to let your favorite writers and publications know that you have a product that is a great fit for these upcoming holidays. The worst they can say is no, and if they say yes, you will have great exposure and possibly an uptick in sales!

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So, without further delay, here are three holidays makers should be working on pitching this January.

Urgent: Valentine’s Day

Right before Valentine’s Day, a lot of people are going to start searching the web for “What do I get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day,” “Top Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends that don’t like gifts,” “Valentine’s Day gifts under $50” and, well, you get the point.

People turn to the internet to find answers and the media answers. As a maker, you probably make something that is a great gift. Even if it’s not red, chocolate or heart-shaped, someone out there will appreciate what you make.

If your product isn’t romantic, per se, it can still be pitched as a Valentine’s Day gift for a specific type of person. Do you make a gift for sporty people, people who like concerts, for mothers, fathers, or friend’s you’d like to not be in the friend zone with? In your pitch, write about who will enjoy your product and why they will love it.

One of my favorite pitches is Galentine’s Day because I’ve had a lot of success pitching self-care products. It’s February 13th, and it’s all about women celebrating their gal pals, so self-care fits in well.

Pro Tips for Pitching Valentine’s Day in January

At this point, it’s too late to get into any major national magazines. Regional magazines opportunities are also a long shot. Your best bet is pitching online publications, especially those that publish daily or multiple times a day.

One trick is to look for Valentine’s Day product roundups from last year and pitch those writers.

Important: International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is March 8th, 2019. I’ve noticed that every year, for the last few years, the media talks about International Women’s Day more and more. It’s becoming a big holiday, which is great!

Media outlets will often publish roundups of woman-owned, woman-focused companies, or companies that give support women-centric causes.

Pro Tips for Pitching International Women’s Day in January

  • If you’re a woman running a business, that’s a great story for International Women’s Day.

  • If your products help women, that’s a great story for International Women’s Day.

  • If your company helps empower women, that’s a great story for International Women’s Day.

Find writers that have already written about International Women’s Day and email them with your story. In January, you can target regional publications as well as online and daily outlets.

Critical: Mother’s Day

Yes, I know, Mother’s Day still feels ages away, but it’s definitely not too early to start putting feelers out there.

If you make a product that is a good gift for mothers, you should treat sending your Mother’s Day pitch right now as if it is just as critical as buying a gift for your own lovely mother on Mother’s Day.

Start contacting national magazines to see what they are looking for in their May issues. National magazine have a long lead time, which means their writers are working on May articles in January and February, so you really don’t have time to waste.

Pro Tips for Pitching Mother’s Day in January

I recommend pitching Mother’s Day by January 15th. You can use the same gift guide and product round up pitches that you used for Valentine’s Day and the Holidays, so it shouldn’t take much time to send a few quick emails this week!