How to Innovate Your Approach to Small Business PR

How would you like to hear a story about the last time I went to the dentist? If I’ve already lost you, what if I told you that story also involved meeting a well-known TV host, discovering a new species of dog, and reuniting with my long-lost twin...are you intrigued now? 

Every good storyteller knows it’s not just the contents of the story but how you tell it that keeps your audience hooked. While the story of a struggling entrepreneur with a brand new idea is a familiar catch, it’s probably also pitched to the media several times a day. 

The key to getting the media attention you deserve is switching up the way you’re telling the story. I’m not suggesting you lie or add exaggerated truths, Simply think like a reporter and find the freshest angle. When you start to do their job for them, a writer is more likely to take your pitch. 

Plus, by offering different pitches, you might land on something that is relevant to what your media contact is already working on and that makes it a lot easier to get the placement. Below are some simple ways you can refresh your next PR pitch. 

1. Change your PR pitch with the season

Seasons and holidays are like little gifts in the world of PR. People never get tired of reading about their favorite fall pastimes or winter escapes. This is why the media appreciates it when your pitch includes a seasonal angle. 

You’re probably already considering seasonal approaches when it comes to marketing your product or service. Never be afraid to emphasize a small change or new addition your business is making. 

It can be as simple as highlighting your gift packages for the holiday season or featuring a health service for seasonal allergies. Get creative and become inspired by what you’re experiencing on a daily basis. 

2. Make your pitch about a breaking news story 

One habit I always recommend to small business owners who are new to PR is setting aside time to scan the headlines. You can also set up breaking news alerts on your phone to not only stay informed, but to make the most of your pitches. 

You already know the media will be hungry for more information involving breaking news. Offering your business’s reaction or a fresh take on the event is an easy way to become part of the story. This also shows that you are media-savvy because you are able to quickly react to the news.

Position yourself as a small business expert 

Another way to innovate your small business PR strategy is to offer the media solutions to a common problem. Lucky for you, your product or service should already represent at least one solution. 

And because you are the face behind the brand, you’re also the expert. I’m sure you’ve done your homework to know the problems your target market experiences and why. PR is your chance to share that insight with a new audience. 

This kind of media placement typically gets a lot of engagement because it’s helping the reader or viewer out. And while the reader learns from your expertise, they also become aware of your brand and get a feel for your credibility. 

These are just a few strategies to come up with great story ideas for the media, but if you need a little more information on how and what I have a lot of resources in my online shop

Rebekah Epstein