Get Inspired: True Small Business PR Success Stories

The proof is in the pudding. What does this phrase actually mean? It suggests that in order to believe something, you must try it out yourself. Well, if that was the case for everything, there’s a lot I would question.

For instance, does Greece really exist?  (I’ve never been.) I have heard plenty of stories from people who have been there, though, and really enjoyed it. So, I’m asking you to use the same logic to trust my PR methods by offering you a few examples of instances where small business owners I worked with were able to secure media placements that benefited their growth. 

This way, before you try it for yourself you can at least get a taste of the kind of results that are possible. And instead of just taking my word for it, you can read how PR really does make a big impact for small businesses. 

Local event gets mentioned in a national publication

One of the best ways for your audience to get to know your product or service, as well as your brand, is by interacting with it at an event. Experiences create lasting impressions on people. Think of the last time you sipped on your favorite drink. Were you with friends? Was the atmosphere positive and cheerful?

One local small business owner wanted to bring together other like-minded individuals to spark the pioneering spirit in her community. After sending out several pitches about their event to a list of media contacts, it was featured in a national publication as an event entrepreneurs should attend.  

Now, this local business’s mission of business development and support is known nation-wide. Even though not every reader of the publication went to the event, they are aware of the brand and might stop by the next time they’re in town. Who knows, another business with a similar mission might even reach out for a collaboration. The possibilities are endless! 

Fashion product gets featured in two national gift guides

In the PR world, the best time to start preparing for the holiday season is yesterday. (Okay, really it’s June.) So, I offer a DIY PR holiday gift guide workshop to help businesses get started early. One owner of a small fashion business took my workshop and learned new ways to pitch their products to national magazines to be featured in their top gift recommendations for the year. 

After the workshop, they were able to secure two placements in national magazines. You can always count on publications to include these lists as the holiday shopping season approaches. The key is to present your brand in an innovative way that catches the media’s attention. 

If you’re not able to attend my workshops and are still looking for some guidance, my gift guide toolkit is available on my site all year round. Unwrapping your business’s PR potential is possible—It’s all in the packaging! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that metaphor.) 

Maker promotes DIY classes on local TV segment 

When it comes to PR, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s important to pitch to both national and local media outlets, as each serves a unique purpose. 

After taking one of my classes, a maker let me know she was able to promote her DIY classes she holds at multiple locations in her community through a local TV segment. This was the perfect way to attract people to her classes. She was able to show a teaser of what students could expect while targeting those who live in town. 

As you navigate what’s right for your small business PR strategy, I’m here to help with easily accessible guidance and resources. It also makes my day when I hear how you’ve been able to successfully use PR for your business. Feel free to reach out to me with your questions and stories as we collaborate on promoting your brand.

Rebekah Epstein