The Most Common Myths about Small Business PR, Busted.

You’re working away at creating an awesome product or giving great service to your customers, but you have to step aside and put on a million other hats just to run your business. 

Some of these other hats fit a little nicer than others, meaning it’s easy to simply approach the task and figure it out. Sometimes, the hat is forced on your head, like filing taxes. 

Then, there are the hats that will look amazing once you put it on, but you’re not sure about it. Maybe it’s totally new to you, you aren’t sure if it’s the right color, or if it will be comfortable, so you just go about your day with the many hats you already have to wear. 

That new hat, that’s small business PR. And I’m here to tell you that even if you aren’t sure about it, it is going to look really good on you. Let’s go over the most common small business PR myths so you can give it a try with confidence!

Myth: Your small business isn’t big enough for PR

The only thing you should be asking yourself is if you have a product or service that’s ready to pitch. If you’re still in the brainstorming phase or working on making your idea a reality, then consider holding off a little longer. 

If you are ready to sell your product or service, then it’s ready to write about. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet. In fact, think of PR as a great way to gather an early audience and boost credibility.

Speaking of credibility... 

Myth: Small businesses don’t have enough credibility for PR

This lie is simply your imposter syndrome flaring up. You have built a business, you are doing something good, and believe it or not, your small business deserves media attention. 

PR is a way to gain 3rd party credibility, it’s not a chicken and egg prerequisite. 

We’re all our own worst critics, so I know this can be challenging. 

Just remember that every business has to start somewhere. You have to be willing to put yourself out there before building the brand recognition and confidence you want from your consumers.  

Myth: PR is the only thing you need

Like anything in life, the secret to success doesn’t lie in “three easy steps”. I do think you are more than capable of making PR work for your small business, but PR is not the only strategy you should adopt to get the word out there. 

I wish I could tell you when you land in a big publication it will result in a lot of sales, but that isn’t always the case. PR is only one piece of the overall communication puzzle. You should have a marketing strategy that contains a mix of PR, social media, advertising, email marketing, etc.

All of these things work together to build brand awareness and reach different buyers at different steps of the buyer’s journey. Just like you can’t have sales without accounting, PR works best as part of a comprehensive strategy. 

Myth: PR success happens instantaneously 

Imagine you’re walking through a lush, blooming garden and the owner tells you the whole thing sprouted up overnight...would you believe them? Probably not. 

Nature shows us that the best things in life take time to grow. I’m not saying it’s impossible to see amazing results from just one media placement. But in my experience, the best strategy is to be patient and build up your brand recognition one placement at a time. 

Be persistent and don’t let fears and lies stop you from going after your goals.

Rebekah Epstein