3 Ways PR Benefits your Small Business’s Brand

Have you ever heard the parable about the starfish? (I promise this relates to your small business, so stay with me.) 


It starts with an older gentleman walking along the beach early in the morning. He notices a small boy stopping to throw a starfish back into the ocean.


The tide had washed up hundreds of starfish, and so the man asked the boy what he was trying to accomplish. (A fair question.) The boy replied he was saving the starfish from being scorched by the sun. The man then asked what difference his actions would make, because obviously there were a lot of starfish and only one boy. “It made a difference to that one,” the boy said. 


Now, circling back to your small business and PR, let’s think about your next media placement as a starfish. Finding time to prioritize PR for your small business can have a huge impact, just like the boy’s actions saved each starfish’s life. 


Still feeling as doubtful as the old man in the story? Take a look at what your small business stands to gain through PR below. 

PR exposes your brand to new audiences

Think about the last time you had a conversation with a potential customer about your business. If it went well, you were able to truly express all the reasons you’re passionate about your brand story and the direction your company is going. 

Imagine having that same positive interaction with hundreds of potential clients at once! Media placements can put your brand in front of wide and new audiences. This simply wouldn’t be possible by using word-of-mouth, social media, or your company’s other marketing channels alone. 

The more PR placements you get, the more likely you are to connect with audiences just outside of your current reach. 

Media Placements give your brand 3rd party credibility 

I know for me, I’m much more likely to try out a new salon or visit a new lunch spot if it’s recommended by someone I trust. Seeing a billboard about it on the side of the road may pique my interest at first, but I know the message isn’t “organic”. A company has paid good advertising dollars to place their brand in front of me. 

The beauty of PR is that your target audience is hearing about your brand from a source they already trust. It’s not just coming from the company that stands to gain profit, but from a news source whose job it is to provide factual, unbiased stories.  

It’s all about presenting your brand story in an approachable and dependable light. 

You gain additional content for your existing marketing channels 

Your social media channels, weekly newsletters, and me after my first cup of coffee all have one thing in common—we’re always ready for more!


In the case of your marketing channels, they’re always ready for fresh, quality content. One of the best sources for this content is a successful PR placement. It’s easy to repost or share the article written about your brand from the publication’s social pages. 


This also draws in more followers and engagement on your own pages. Your current audience will also love reading what makes your brand so great in your newsletter and emails. 


Reading about your brand in a bigger publication can also refresh your team’s motivation. It’s an accomplishment to celebrate! Just remember what the starfish taught us—that every little pitch counts. 


Ready to dive right in? Check out my online store for pitch templates and my new DIY PR Workbook. 


Rebekah Epstein